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About GeekPortal

GeekPortal is a cloud based School Management and Learning Management Software that automates Learning and manual school management processes to meet all their emerging technological and administrative requirements

Student/Staff Record Management

Schools can manage the records of their students & staff for proper documentation.

Student Result Management

This is customizable to any school system. You can easily set-up your grading system and compute result accordingly.

CBT/ Online exam

Pupils/Students can take test, exams online using mobile phones, tablets or PCs and get graded immediately

e-Learning (Lesson Notes & Assignment)

Teachers can upload lesson notes ahead of class, give assignments and students can download, read ahead, attempt assignments and submit online via their profile

Features List

Below are some of the features available in GeekPortal. We customize and also add more features according to your requirement specifications

  • Student & Parent login
  • Staff & Teacher Login
  • Bursary/School fees management
  • Online fee payment
  • Staff payroll system

Let's Create Something Unique

Let us create and customize an Easy to use school management & learning management system that's built specifically to meet your school processes.
You can access centralized data from anywhere, anytime with any smart device

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